The Best Personalized Gifts for Boaters


One of the best parts of owning a boat is adding decor and accessories that make it your personal space. Whether you are looking for items for yourself, or gifts for a fellow boater, these personalized accessories will make a boat feel like home! ENGRAVED PINT GLASS     This pint glass is etched with [...]

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Simple Rules for Marina Etiquette


If you dock your boat at a marina, there are probably rules and tips that you want your slip neighbors to follow, and they should. However, you also need to follow those rules for them in return! Being considerate at a marina is what keeps the flow going and keeps every boater happy. The rules [...]

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Why Trading Your Boat is Better Than Selling


Life is better with a boat! If you are thinking about selling your current boat, this list will remind you why you should trade instead. Each person may be different and love boating for their own reasons, but these are some that we can all agree on! Boating is great for social networking. You can meet [...]

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How To Save Boat Fuel


Summer is filled with great boating days and creating the best memories on the water. These days may be priceless, but as we move into the end of summer and beginning of fall, you may begin to realize how expensive all that boat fuel has been. The solution is NOT to take your boat out [...]

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Annapolis Boat Show USPS | October 12-15, 2017


About the United States Powerboat Show The United States Powerboat Show will take place on October 12-15, 2017. The show will display more than 450 boats in the Annapolis seaport, along with exhibitors selling everything from navigation equipment and fishing gear to charters and boat insurance. Whether you are looking for a brand new fishing boat [...]

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Finding The Right Boating Sunglasses


Every time you go outdoors, people will remind you to bring sunscreen to protect your skin. The thing is, your eyes also need protection from those harmful UV rays! Getting the right pair of sunglasses to wear while boating will better your experience and keep your eyes from getting damaged. There are plenty of options [...]

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What You Should Know About Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)


The typical personal flotation device (PFD) most people think of to bring on their boat is a simple life jacket. The issue with this kind of PFD is that they are often bulky and uncomfortable, making boaters and guests not want to wear them. This is obviously an issue if someone happens to accidentally fall [...]

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Clean, Green Boating


There is no better feeling than being out in the middle of the ocean on your cherished boat and simply observing everything around you. What you do not see during these times is the harm being done to the wildlife and water quality due to poor decisions and lack of clean boating knowledge. While boating [...]

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6 Boat Gadgets From Amazon That You Need Right Now


There are items you need for your boat and there are items that you need to make your boat the practical, fun, and personalized vessel you want it to be. From speakers to waterproof bags, here are six gadgets that you need to buy for your boat, and they can all be found easily on [...]

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Bradenton Boat Show | June 9-11, 2017


About the Bradenton Boat Show The Bradenton Boat Show is coming up next weekend! People will gather in Bradenton, Florida to shop for boats, get fishing tips, and look at boat accessories, fishing gear/apparel, and much more. Lessons will be available for people wanting hands-on fishing tips provided by experts from the Captain Joe Fishing [...]

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